John Frostad (L) for State Representative

Government Exists for People Not Profits

People not Profits

We need a fair and healthy business environment, but it is not a function of government to make sure businesses succeed. Corporations have manipulated regulations to create an anti-competitive environment and shut out small businesses from the market. Industries and corporations have ensured they get tax breaks or subsidies to maximize their profit margins. When the market collapses due to corporate negligence, it is the taxpayers that must rescue the “Too Big to Fail” mega-corporations, while honest small businesses in the market are destroyed. We need end the corporate manipulation of government which only serves the interest of big business.

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Let’s Fight for the Separation of Corporations & State


Both Republicans and Democrats have sold our government to corporate interests. Government was created by and for the people. The Washington State Constitution reads, “No law shall be passed granting to any…corporation…privileges or immunities which upon the same terms shall not equally belong to all citizens, or corporations.” As your legislator, I will never propose or support any law which entitles specific corporations to special tax breaks or access to state funds.

District 31 has to make a choice: Libertarian or Republican?

lp-questionThere will be no Democratic party option for voters in the 31st district for State Representative, position 1 this year.  John Frostad will be the sole opponent of the Republican incumbent. John is hoping for left-leaning voters to consider his Libertarian representation this year.



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Voters in the 31st legislative district will have an unusual choice facing them, Republican or Libertarian? John Frostad is the only opponent running against the Republican incumbent for State House Representative, Position 1. There will be no Democratic party option for voters on their August primary ballots.

“Since there is no Democratic candidate on the ballot, I’m hoping to inspire left-leaning voters,” says John Frostad, “I think those who usually vote for the Democratic party will appreciate my freedom-based positions.” He is focused on criminal justice reform, social tolerance, personal freedom, and ending corporate privilege. He supported marijuana legalization and marriage equality.

John Frostad feels he will attract frustrated Republican voters this year. “Republicans have grown government while fighting proper funding and protecting corporate interests,” says John Frostad. “Many voters are ready for an alternative to the Republican party.” Property rights, limited government, civil liberties, and the free market are important to John Frostad.

“I want state government which is focused, funded, and forward thinking. We need new, affordable solutions to address the same challenges we’ve been facing for decades,” says John Frostad. “We can’t continue policies and programs which don’t effectively serve the needs of average Washingtonians.”

John Frostad is running in the 31st district which includes Auburn (south) Edgewood, Enumclaw, Sumner, Bonney Lake, Buckley, South Prairie, Wilkeson, Carbonado, and the unincorporated areas of northeastern Pierce county. John Frostad is one of 31 Libertarian candidates running in races around the state this year.

Details about John Frostad’s campaign can be found at He can be reached directly at (253) 310-3941 or


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