John Frostad (L) for State Representative

Followup on LoWV and School Retirees Meet and Greet

I was the only 31st District candidate to meet with constituents at the meet and greet hosted by the League of Women Voters and School Retirees’ Association. It was great to have met with and get input from the school retirees. Had a very nice chat with a recently retired teacher.

Mandates and strings-attached funding from the federal and state government is stifling flexible, responsive, and innovative solutions in our schools. We can play the blame game all day long, but the truth is school boards and administrators, parents, and teachers don’t want to see our kids fail. Much like everything, the closer you are to the problem, the better the solution you can offer. What does the federal government or a room full of politicians know about how to innovate and improve a local school in the Sumner or White River School District? We need to put school districts in charge of education policy.

Improving our schools requires funding surely, but how to best tackle the needs of a particular demographic in a particular school requires a sleeves-rolled-up approach. It is those that are doing the work that should have freedom to provide on-the-ground solutions. We need to liberalize much of the state and federal requirements and give schools more autonomy.  Schools should be held accountable for results, not for ‘sticking to the plan’. A one-size fits all universal solution drafted in Washington DC or Olympia will only give you the same results time and again.