John Frostad (L) for State Representative

31st Democrats has endorsed my campaign

Thank you very much to the local Democratic Party for endorsing my campaign. I look forward to working with ALL the voters in our district regardless of their party affiliation. There is much to be done for our citizens.



Contact: John Frostad
Phone:(253) 310-3941

September 25th, 2016



In an unprecedented event, the district Democratic party, the 31st Democrats, have endorsed a Libertarian candidate. John Frostad is the Libertarian challenger to incumbent Republican, Drew Stokesbary for State Representative in the 31st legislative district.

“I am looking to bridge the two major parties in Olympia,” says John Frostad. “The 31st Democrats felt I would give them a voice on many issues Drew Stokesbary would not.” John’s platform includes many left-leaning items such as criminal justice reform, personal freedoms, and social tolerance. He supported marijuana legalization and marriage equality.

“I want a government that respects your liberties and your money,” says John Frostad. “The interests of taxpayers should be the only interests on the minds of our politicians.” John has proposed a revenue-neutral reset on business taxes which would help small businesses and eliminate the tax loopholes and perks provided to well-connected corporations.

John Frostad has made many appearances at community events around the 31st district this summer. “ I have been hearing many voices out there in our district that are tired of two party politics and are looking for a socially liberal, fiscally conservative candidate to represent them,” he says. “They want a legislator with the voters in mind, not campaign donors.”

John Frostad is running in the 31st district which includes south Auburn, Edgewood, Enumclaw, Sumner, Bonney Lake, Buckley, South Prairie, Wilkeson, Carbonado, and the unincorporated areas of northeastern Pierce county. John Frostad is one of 12 Libertarian candidates who will be on November ballots across the state this year.

Details about John Frostad’s campaign can be found at He can be reached directly at (253) 310-3941 or